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[AD] Potty Training with Huggies® Pull-Ups®

They say, when it comes to potty training, consistency is key – well, it’s safe to say that the triplets approach to potty training is less than consistent.

The triplets all take different approaches. Take Florence for example, she is physically the biggest of the three and for a few months leading up to potty training we noticed she started to dislike having a wet nappy and she would take herself out the room and generally tell us that she needed changing. Lottie then followed suit and would tell us when she needed to be changed but hadn’t grasped the concept of telling us she needed to go in advance. Annabella, the oldest by one whole minute, would quite happily spend all day in a dirty nappy, she was almost outraged at the suggestion of being changed and would run away from us.

So, when we decided to kickstart the potty training journey we got them three potty chairs, in their individual colours (pink, purple and turquoise) and three reward jars with reward stars in their matching colours. We also made an effort to show them when another family member went to the toilet – you could hear us say “wee wee” and then all wash our hands together as part of the journey.

The biggest help, however, were Huggies®Pull-Ups®. We chose to not only use but work with Huggies®Pull-Ups®because we felt they really understood the needs of each of our children and had some fantastic features that we loved.

Our favourite is the learning layer, which helps each of the triplets recognise when they need to go. It leaves them feeling briefly wet after they’ve had an accident, before removing the moisture. This helps Charlotte and I rest easy knowing they aren’t left wet but reassured that they will start learning wet from dry.

We also love the wetness indicator, an ingenious graphic on the front which fades when one of the triplets has an accident. We can then chat with the girls about using the potty next time.

The girls particularly love the new super stretchy sides, making them feel like they are wearing big girl pants – all grown up because they can pull them up and down by themselves!

So, whether you have a child whose potty training journey sounds a bit like that of Annabella, Florence or Lottie - take comfort in the fact that I think there is an awful lot of things that us parents can’t influence and each journey is unique. Interestingly, whilst the girls have made other changes almost as one unit, such as moving from cots to beds, we have found potty training has been a little more challenging.

I remember when they were first born, and the doctor gave me some amazing advice – to nail down a routine and stick to it, be consistent with all three girls. This is something we do at every important milestone and potty training is, after all, one of the biggest steps on the girls’ journey to becoming big kids!

Even though each of the girls’ journeys have taken a different path so far, there are still several things we can keep the same and rely on. For example, Pull-Ups®Big Kid Now reward system means we get the girls to high five each other when one has been successful on the potty.

I don’t know how this is going to pan out and I am sure there will be all sorts of funny, messy and magical moments. Hopefully, I will check back in in a month’s time to confirm potty training is complete and everyone in the house, including the dog, goes to the toilet where they should!  But I somewhat doubt that. 

Tag the lovely Huggies®in your potty training journey using #BigKidNow and check out their useful and handy hints and tips guide

So finally, to anyone who has conquered potty training, is about to start it or has the joys of it to look forward to, I certainly know what you are going through and wish everyone the best of luck!!


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